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The internet is a maze. Especially when it comes to finding cheap flights, or compare different offers on a specific travel-route. is a flight-comparison website(Flugsuchmaschine), and the solution for many internet users. This tool will list all available offers from the different airlines, so that user can easily compare the prices with each other, and buy the cheapest tickets available. – this is how you find the cheapest flight


On the flight-comparison website, the user always finds contemporary flights for the cheapest price. The handling of the website is easy and intuitive. On the front page the user enters relevant information. Up to four different airports can be picked as a place of departure. Thereby has a big advantage compared to other sites, not only because it is one of the few websites that offer this advanced service, but also because flexible passengers get the possibility to increase their chances to find the cheapest solution. After picking the possible airports for departure, all you have to do, is enter your destination and the dates you would like to travel. Of course customers also have the possibility, to compare one-way flights which each other on In addition, so called multi-stop flights and fork flights can be selected. Before the user can compare the different prices, he has to enter the number of travelers. To mention is how many adults, how many children up to the age of 12 and how many babies under the age of 2, will go on board. At last the user enters the preferred services, that he would like to use on To do this, you have to pick one of the following categories: economy, business or first class. With one click on the “find“-button you start the comparison, and the offers of different airlines will be searched for you.

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Only a few seconds after the user entered his request on the flight-comparison website, he will get the results, whereby the cheapest offer is always on top of the list. In general, the list is presented in an order from cheap to expensive. In no time the site shows you hundreds of options from different airlines, listed over several pages. The cheapest offer results from direct comparison of numerous vendors. The potential passenger now has the opportunity to choose the best option for him, adjusted to his personal needs and wishes,, and directly book it.

Important criteria, next to the price of a flight, can be factors like the time of departure, the airport from which you fly or even the airlines luggage policy. All these information get combined, by the flight comparison site

Billigerflug24 compares the best flight and hotel deals. We are a commercially oriented company, but never want to forget to take social responsibility and thus donate a portion of our income for children in need.

Find the cheapest flights with these 10 tips


1. Start your search for a flight as early as possible


Most airlines offer their cheapest flights up to 11 months before the departure. As soon as you know that you´d like to travel, you should start searching! Keep an eye on the prices, and check the internet once a week. As the prices are changing on a daily basis. When you found a price that you´re willing to pay, book the tickets fast instead of waiting too long.

2. The best time to book a flight


Of course it is a rather bad idea to book a flight during the vacation or holiday time. In this periods the request for air travel is the highest, wherefore the prices tend to rise as well. However, it is possible to book cheap flights even during those seasons, by booking for a later travel.

A study, which analyzed over 560 million search processes, revealed that the best time for booking a domestic flight, is about seven weeks before the departure. Regarding city trips, it is recommended to book around 12 weeks ahead, and for long distance flights you should search around 2-3 months ahead.

According to a study, the cheapest month is November. However, this is depending on the destination of the flight. For example, Barcelona, Majorca and London are very cheap during November, while New York is the cheapest during February.

3. On this day of the week, you should fly


For everybody who is flexible with his planning, flying is recommended on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. These are typical off-peak days, on which fewer people are traveling. This causes that tickets are usually cheaper on those days.

4. Be flexible with your departure time


Flying becomes cheaper, when fewer people are traveling at the same time. Very early in the morning, or late at night, it is definitely cheaper to fly than during the day. Looking for flights during those times increase your chance of finding the cheapest tickets.

5. Be flexible on the days you want to fly


The best way to save money is flexibility! It is always smart to plan in some extra time, so that you can adjust the date of the flights to the cheapest offer.

6. Round-trip instead of one-way


Even when you´re just looking for a one-way flight, it might still be senseful to check the options for a round-trip. A lot of times one-way tickets are significantly more expensive, so that you still save money if you book the flight including return. Whether you then actually use the return ticket or not , doesn’t matter.

7. Make use out of layovers


Flights that include multiple, or long, layovers, are usually cheaper. Also, it gives you the possibility to experience even more while you´re traveling.

8. Check for alternative airports


When there is more than one airport in the region, then it is worth taking a look at each of them. The more possibilities you have, the bigger is your chance to find a low price. A lot of budget airlines offer flights to airports that are a bit outside the city. However, from there you can easily reach the city via bus, train or taxi. In addition, there is a chance for cheap fork flights.

9. Do not speculate on last-minute


Really cheap last-minute flights are rare because the prices usually don’t fall that much, immediately before departure. Airlines make more money by selling a few tickets for a high price, instead of selling many tickets for a cheaper price. Decreasing prices are only usual when the route is not occupied enough, as the airline tries to at least don’t make a loss. This is something that I would not speculate on.

10. Fly while nobody else does


What would a rule be without an exception? There are also holidays when nobody wants to fly. For example, new years evening, or, if you´re not superstitious, on Friday the 13th . On those occasions it might happen that you have a complete airplane for yourself.

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